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Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

The M & E Unit implements The M & E Framework which espouses standard setting as the context of quality in medical education. The purpose of the framework is two-fold; a) to guide the School of Medicine and its affiliated colleges in effectively carrying out monitoring and evaluation functions of educational programmes, and b) to instigate and inform medical education research priorities for the Medical Education and Assessment Research Group (ME & ARG).The focus of the monitoring and evaluation is in three key performance areas i.e. a) Accreditation Standards, b) Educational Programme(Teaching contribution and Course Management) Standards and c) Assessment Standards. The implementation process is guided by the M & E Framework Operational Plan (2013 – 2016).

The Operational Plan focuses on five areas 1) coordination and communication,

2) recruiting and retaining dedicated staff to operate the M & E unit, 3)supporting capacity development in medical education in the School and affiliated colleges, 4) development of the data collecting and reporting tools and ICT platforms, and 5) conferences and study visits.





The Policy Setting

This framework implements particular aspects of and is informed by the University of Zambia Strategic Plan (2013 – 2017) and University of Zambia School of Medicine Strategic Plan (2012 – 2016).

The University of Zambia Strategic Plan (2013 – 2017) – Promoting Excellence in Teaching, Research & Community Service

Strategic Direction 6: Institutionalise Quality Assurance Systems:

Excellence in teaching, learning, research is only possible when operational systems are continuously checked and improved through a deliberate quality assurance system. Once performance outputs and performance standards have been set, the quality assurance system should be able to function as a sensor, comparator and corrector.

The University of Zambia School of Medicine Strategic Plan (2012 - 2016) – Restoring Excellence in Teaching, Research and Public Service

The aim of the strategic plan is to transform the School of Medicine into a more efficient, cost effective and responsive institution as well as to direct its decisions, programmes and activities towards improving the quality of service delivery to its clients. Health institutions in Zambia expect the School to provide standards on health education and training and care.

Objective 6: To develop the monitoring and evaluation mechanism in order to facilitate appropriate interventions and attainment of objectives.

Content of the M & E Framework

The M & E Systems Strengthening Project comprises three complementary Standards’ Evaluation Tools designed to comprehensively assess quality of the training institution:

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