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  • Clinical Anatomy Teaching Programmes

    Professor Sekelani S. Banda, in collaboration and association with the Department of Anatomy, offers several anatomy courses with a focus on clinical anatomy. The anatomy teaching programme has three unique courses on offer:

    1. Clinical Anatomy: There is a substantial demand, both in scope and depth, for knowledge of anatomy in clinical practice including for clinical methods, clinical practical procedures and diagnostic reasoning. This course applies knowledge of anatomy to clinical practice to help the student acquire a working knowledge of anatomy as applied to history taking, physical examination, clinical procedures and diagnostic reasoning. The course is also offered as a component of the MSc. Anatomy Course “Human Gross and Clinical Anatomy” (AN 5010) and to Masters of Medicine (MMed) students as a basic science component.

    2. Basic and Applied Anatomy: Knowledge of the anatomical structure of the human body provides a foundation for other basic sciences and clinical rotations, and a career as a health professional. Through lectures, IT resources, print resources, radiology sessions and clinical correlates the module will convey key concepts of the complex gross structural organization of the human body. The course focuses on conveying principle anatomy concepts on which to build a clinical understanding: Essential Basic Anatomy (Planes, Positions, Movements; Basic Tissue Types;

    3. Elective Clinical Anatomy Courses: These elective courses/workshops to faculty, postgraduate and undergraduate students are offered at the request of clinical and other academic departments. The sponsoring department and/or students select clinical topics and request for presentations/sessions in clinical and applied anatomy that they consider useful for their own professional and academic success.

    4. Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Anatomy: The Department of Anatomy has introduced a Masters of Anatomy course that has been vibrant and fast growing. Students with Masters in Anatomy who intend to study for a doctorate and in particular for a clinical anatomy doctorate may apply to the Department of Anatomy and liaise with Professor. Sekelani Banda for supervision. Doctorate students must undertake original and substantial research and complete a dissertation according to the requirements of the University of Zambia.

  • Clinical Anatomy Practice & Teaching Research Group (CAPT-RG)

    Professor Sekelani S. Banda serves as the Principal Investigator for CAPT-RG and principle supervisor for PhD linked studies under CAPT-RG.

    Mission: To be the leading ‘Think Tank’ in Zambia on the theory and practice of clinically oriented anatomy teaching.

    Roles and Responsibilities:
    1. To develop research proposals and conduct research in clinical anatomy.
    2. Develop and submit grant applications in the field of clinical anatomy.
    3. Publish scholarly books, monographs and journal articles in the field of clinical anatomy.

    Upcoming Studies: This section is underdevelopment. CAPT-RG has just completed the first study cycle.

    Selected Publications:
    1. Banda, S. S. (2010). An Investigation of How Clinicians use of Anatomical Knowledge in Diagnostic Reasoning: A Grounded Theory Study of Clinicians in Zambia. Medical Journal of Zambia, 37 (1): 23-30.
    2. Banda, S. S. (2010). Characterisation and Quantification of Anatomy Concepts in a Standard Clinical Methods Textbook: A Content Analysis Approach. Medical Journal of Zambia, 36(3): 125-131.
    3. Banda, S. S. (2009). The Case Anatomical Knowledge Index (CAKI) as a Tool for Selecting Clinical Cases for Clinically Oriented Anatomy Teaching: Approach and Content. Medical Journal of Zambia, 36 (1): 43-50.
    4. Banda, S. S. (2009). The Case Anatomical Knowledge Index (CAKI): A Novel Method Used to Assess Anatomy Content in Clinical Cases. Anatomical Sciences Education, 2(1): 9-18.
    5. Banda, S. S. (2008). Anatomy: Spotlight on Africa Revisited. Anatomical Sciences Education, 1:228-229. Doi:10.002/ase.40
    6. Banda, S. S. (2008). The Role of Anatomy in Clinical Practice: A Participant Observation Study of Use of Anatomy in Clinical Practice. Medical Journal of Zambia, 35(1): 8-16.
    7. Banda, S. S. (2007). Determining How the Knowledge of Anatomy May Influence Success or Failure in Clinical Practice. Medical Journal of Zambia, 34(4): 161-166.
    8. Banda, S. S. (2007). Students’ and Doctors’ Performance in an Anatomy Knowledge Test: A Comparison between Traditional and Clinical Anatomy. Medical Journal of Zambia, 34(3): 120 – 124.
    9. Banda, S. S. (2002). Defining Core Anatomy for a Surgical Clerkship (abstract). Bioline- East and Central African Journal of Surgery, 7 (1): 7 – 22.

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